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  FETEN - La Feria Europea de Artes Escénicas para Niños y Niñas (The European Performing Arts Fair for Children) - is an event that promotes exchanges and cooperation between the various creation and distribution sectors of the performing arts.

The importance and prominence acquired by Children's Theatre in Spain and in virtually all of Europe have led to a need for a place or venue that makes it possible for programmers, companies and professionals in this field to gather, exchange, and share interests, experiences and knowledge and form direct links while seeking together to raise and dignify the increasingly high quality of the performing arts ​​for and by children.
The editions of FETEN have all maintained the same basic structure, namely the character of a Fair that brings together programmers, distributors ... from our country and from Europe, with all that this entails for boosting the market; but beyond this the presentation of shows, the forums for debate, book presentations, exhibitions, etc. all contribute to enhance and enrich everything that has to do with this aspect of culture.
Since the first edition in 1991, as part of the programming, a series of discussions and conferences have traditionally been held with the firm intention of merging the educational aspect with the theatre, given that the latter is a vital channel of expression and communication between individual, society and culture. The proposals of leading specialists in the field of child and youth theatre from different points of view help to make these discussions a dynamic forum from which to approach the issues of theatre aimed at children and teenagers.

All of this means thatFETEN has not only a market aspect (exhibition of theatrical shows and contracts for them with promoters and programmers), but also a framework of permanent and ongoing debate.